iCapital Celebrates 9 Years!(2022-09-26)

iCapital celebrated its 9 years anniversary with children from Sampurna Nepal. The company has gone through a transformative journey through these 9 years investing in equity markets, PE, VC to real estate to providing consulting to asset management & advisory.  We hope to continue to keep learning, keep experimenting and keep believing.  

SourceCode Celebrates 11 Years Anniversary(2022-10-18)

SourceCode celebrated its 11 years anniversary on Oct 18. The company has developed technology products that have touched the lives of every stock market investor in the country. SourceCode is determined to innovate more and introduce more exciting tech experiences in the upcoming days.

iCapital Launches its Real Estate Wing(2019-12-20)

Real estate investments have been one of the major contributors to our returns. In order to reach our vision of managing at least NPR 5 billion by 2025, we realized a separate real estate team would be vital. Hence, iCapital Real Estate was established. Its primary activities are to help clients in their real estate purchases and sales. Further, it aims to invest in land, commercial properties and housing projects. For more on their works, check their Facebook and Youtube.